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ORTOFON O-One Headphones


The Ortofon O-One is an excellent device for studio sessions and mixing

The Ortofon O-One produces balanced, reference-grade signal output, worthy of use in critical listening situations.

The O-One, unlike other closed-back designs, was engineered to provide a precise representation of sound without coloration or inaccuracies. This design offers audio professionals, musicians, and discerning listeners a transparent window into sonic purity and is revealing of not only the details and elements which comprise the signal but also any inadequacies or inconsistencies.

Included with the O-Ones are two sets of earcups (one of each pair, leather and velour) for long term wearing comfort.

Technical Specification

Frequency range 10 – 22.000 Hz
Sound pressure level 112 dB
Impedance 40 Ohm
S-LogicTM (Natural Surround Sound)
Weight 295 g

Enclosed accessories:

Standard cable 3M with 3,5 mm gold plated jack
Coiled cable 3M with 3,5 mm gold plated jack
Jack adaptor, gold plated 3,5/6,3 mm
Extra set of ear pads in velour
Transport bag