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To obtain professional positions in the music industry. My goal is becoming a key player in the Club

 DJ, Radio DJ, and Music Production fields.

Related Experience


2021                                              SpinStatz                                      Lavergne, TN    

Duties: Quality Assurance Testing


2020 - Present                  Dead Short Audiophonics                          Calgary, AB

Duties: DJ Specialist


2020                                       Skratcher YEG                                   Edmonton, AB

3rd Place Finalist in Skratcher Competition


2017                                        DMC Canada                                        Toronto, ON

East Coast Scratch Competition


2014 - 2018                             Sears Canada                                        Regina, SK

In-Store appearances for Sales Events and Xmas Galas



2014                            Redbull Thre3Styles Western Regional           Regina, SK

Chosen as a qualifier for Regina, Saskatchewan


2014  - 2018                Habano’s Martini & Cocktail Club                 Regina, SK

Resident DJ & Technician


2014                                           The Painted Lady                                 Toronto, ON

Canada Music Week

Duties: DJ Performance with Hip-Hop artist Pimpton


2014                                              BMO Centre                                      Calgary, AB

DMC Calgary Eliminations

Duties: Judging the competitors in the DJ competition


2014                                               Orr Centre                                         Regina, SK

Beenie Man – Hottest Man Alive Tour

Duties: Opening DJ for Pimpton / CJE /w MC Dee


2014                                          Beily’s Night Club                                  Saskatoon, SK

King of the DJ Competition – 1st Place Winner


2014                                        Canada Music Awards                             Regina, SK

Juno Awards Judge for the Reggae Category


2014 - Present                         Serato Audio Research                            Auckland, NZ

Software Beta Tester

Duties: Beta testing the Serato DJ software product line, reporting bugs and feature improvements.


2013 – 2014                         Manchester’s Bar & Grill                          Saskatoon, SK

Resident DJ for Saturday Night’s Caribbean Blends Event


2013                                                  Stokyo, LLC                                    Los Angeles, CA

Became an approved Serato accessories dealer for Saskatchewan



2013                                         Alchimie Video Contest

 1st Place Winner for Demo Video Submission – Prizes: Numark Orbit Controller,

 Facebook and Youtube Promotion


 2013                                   University of Regina – IMP Labs                     Regina, SK

 Digital DJ Workshops

 Duties: Teaching beginner workshops on digital dj software



 2012                        306 Skate Shop, Distrikt Night Club, Tumblers          Regina, SK

 Duties: DJ for Concert Shows with the following artists:

              Raekwon, Swollen Members, La Coka Nostra, Royce 5’ 9’,  Twiztid,  Master Ace, Stricklin

              &  Marco Polo, Xzibit


 2012                                      Quartz Radio Online Project                         Regina, SK

 Duties: Designed and launched a mobile radio application for iOS, Android, BB10 & WP 7-10

 This became a customizable media platform called MediaRBP for resale.


  2012                                          Serato Audio Research                              Auckland, NZ

  Duties: Beta tester for DJ products: Scratch Live, Itch and Serato Video


  2012                                              CariSask Regina                                     Regina, SK

  Duties: Official DJ and Music Manager for CariSask Carnival & Parade Events


  2011                                           Quartz Radio Online                                 Regina, SK

  Duties: Owner and Operation of the internet based radio station Quartz Radio Online


  2011                                                Philly 5 Music                                        Saskatchewan/Alberta

   Tour DJ

   Duties: Performing and providing equipment for concert bookings at various venues, schools, video shoots


   2011                                              CariSask Festival                                    Regina, SK

    Duties: Providing DJ Services, technical support for sound equipment and performances


   2010                                                  CBC Radio                                            Regina, SK

    Radio Interview

    Duties: Topic of discussion was ‘Making a Mixtape’. Provided advise and ideas on how to make

    a good mix.


   2010                                           University of Regina                                    Regina, SK

   Traktor DJ Workshops

   Duties:  Introductory Traktor 2-hour training sessions. Responsible for training new users and staff

               on the Traktor product line.


   2010                                          University of Regina                                     Regina, SK

   Traktor Lab Upgrade

   Duties: Responsible for installing and configuring the Traktor Scratch Pro hardware/software

                 Digital Vinyl System (DVS) upgrade for the DJ Scratch Lab installed in 2008


   2010                                                Sask Music                                              Regina, SK

   Factor Jury Duty

   Duties:  Factor jury member for the  Reggae category.  Responsibilities are the review and

                  approval for project funding applications.




  2009                                  Anaheim Convention Center                              Anaheim, CA

   NAMM Convention 2009

   Duties: Demonstrating the Traktor Scratch Pro product at the Native Instruments display booth.


    2008                                         Joe’s Youth Center                                     Moose Jaw, SK

    Duties: Performed with hip-hop artist Philly 5 for the Break Through youth concert.

                Responsible for Instrumentals, Mic Work/Stage Presence & Background Scratches.


    2008                                          University of Regina                                  Regina, SK

     Flatlands Scratch Seminar III

     Duties: Instructor for scratch seminars, teaching basic DJ techniques to High School students

                  and University students enrolled in the Media & Performance curriculum..



 2008 - 2010                                   University of  Regina                               Regina, SK

      Flatlands Scratch Seminar II

      Duties: Installing and configuring the DJ Scratch lab.

                   Presenting and Demonstrating Traktor Scratch technology by Native Instruments.



 2008 - 2011                                    Native Instruments                                      Berlin, DE

Quality Assurance Tester (DJ Product Line)

Duties:  Systematic testing and bug reporting for Traktor product line.

BeatSync, Traktor LE, Traktor 3, Traktor Scratch , Traktor Pro & Audio 4/8 DJ


2007…2010                                        91.3FM CJTR                                          Regina, SK

Midas Touch Radio Show & Old Skool Jamz Radio Show

Duties: Programming and producing the mixshows for CJTR.


2007                                                 Native Instruments                                   Berlin, DE

Best Tester Award

Award Prize Winner for most effective external Beta Tester for Beatport Sync


2007-2011                                        Native Instruments                                   Berlin, DE

Forum Moderator

Duties: Assisting with Moderating and Technical Support in the Traktor user forum.        


2007-2009                                           Frontline Radio                                     England

Urban Blends internet radio show every Sunday from 5pm –  6pm (CST)




2007 – 2011                                           Native Instruments                                    Berlin, DE

Duties: Beta testing  Traktor LE, Traktor Scratch, Traktor 3, Beatport Sync & Audio 8 DJ

             Testing functionality, Reporting bugs and submitting feature suggestions


2006                                                Digital DJ Pool                                           New York,  NY

Official sponsor as of October 4th, 2006

Duties: Rating music tracks distributed by the pool

           Submitting two Remixed music tracks per month

           Participating on the Public web forum daily



2006                                             The Park Niteclub                                        Moose Jaw, SK

Duties: Resident DJ on Saturday Nights         


2006                        Cubed Productions & JD’s Niteclub                                 Regina, SK

Duties: Provided music for the 2nd Annual Gears *& Beers Car Show


2005                                           S.C.C.A                                                            Regina, SK

Duties: Volunteered DJ services for the Guyana flood relief fundraiser event.       


2003                       Western Canadian Music Awards                                      Regina, SK

Duties: To provide background music for the ceremony and awardees.


2003                               The Paddock Niteclub                                                 Regina, SK

Duties: Resident Friday night DJ with ‘The Urban Connection’

             Spinning: Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae and Calypso genres.   


2003                               Flatlands Music Festival                                             Regina, SK

Duties: Performed background scratches for Tallisman


2003      DMC/ Puma Compilation CD :‘From East o West  Coast’

Duties: Recorded a 5 minute compilation called ‘A Lil Sumthin’


2003                          DMC Saskatchewan Eliminations                                 Regina, SK

1st Place Winner

Duties: To compete in the DMC Canada finals in Montreal


2003                                   Grinders Nite Club                                           Moose Jaw, SK

Disc Jockey

Duties: Promotions and providing music for Saturday nights.


2001-2002                            91.31FM CJTR                                                      Regina, SK

Announcer / Disc Jockey (Urban Blends Radio Show)

Duties: On Air Programmer and Disc Jockey


2001                                   Checkers Night Club                                              Regina, SK

Disc Jockey

Duties: To create an “Urban” Friday night event.

              Opened for the Maestro Fresh Wes, Ghetto Concept &  ˝ Black Italians concert.        


2000                                         Coretec Systems                                                Regina, SK

Grand Opening (DJ)

Duties:  Providing music to attract customers to the new location and event.




1999-2000                                 Mobile Motorsports                                        Regina, SK

Summer Car Show (DJ)

Duties: Providing “Urban” music for competitors and spectators






1999-2001                                    The Moon Night Club                              Regina, SK

Disc Jockey

Duties: DJ/Host Wednesday night events.

             Opening for acts such as: Choclair, Baby Blue Soundcrew,  Swollen Members                                                                                                   




1999                                                        Stitches                                         Regina, SK

Back to School Sale (DJ)

Duties:  Provided music to attract customers inside the store.                     


1998-99                      Saskatchewan Jamaican Association of Regina    Regina, SK

Jamaican Independence Celebration (DJ)

Duties: Providing theme music in a formal banquet atmosphere and dance there after.      


1998-1999                                          Club Caribbean                               Saskatoon, SK

Disc Jockey

Duties:  Providing the music to play in the club and equipment maintenance. 


Non-Related Experience


2018 – Present                                 MNP Digital                                       Edmonton, AB


2010 – 2018                                 Tafari Consulting                                    Regina, SK


2002-2010                               SaskTel Communications                            Moose Jaw, SK

2001                      Computer Tech Consultants, GE Capital ITS                Regina, SK


2000                                      Coretec Systems Inc.                                     Regina, SK 

1998-2000                      Maximum Information Services                           Regina, SK

1997–1998                                   Future Shop                                            Regina, SK

Internet Support Technician, Tech Analyst, Customer Service Representative


Repairing Software and Hardware on various brand name machines 

            -Acer, Apple, Ast, Avado, Compaq,  Ibm, Hewlett Packard,

             Packard Bell, Nec, Fujitsu, Paradigm, Sony, Touch and Hitachi

Repair and Troubleshooting of various Ink Jet and Laser Printers

Designing and assembling customized computer systems.

Return Authorization Merchandise processing.

Shipping and Receiving of computer parts, systems and peripherals.

Installing various Hardware, Software Upgrade components.

Providing Technical Support via Telephone and Internet

Tier 1 / Tier 2 (Escalation) – Internet Helpdesk Support

Familiar with Various Software Packages such as:

            -AmDocs Clarify 12.5

            -Norton Utilities Ghost, Dreamweaver 4, Flash 5, Linux, Unix

            - Windows XP, 2000, NT 3.51-5.0, 3.x – 98SE, Dos, Mac OS

            -Log Book Invoicing Database, FileMaker Pro 4

            -Office 4.x – 2002,Publisher 2.x – 2002, WP 5.x – Suite 7

            -Netscape 2.x – 7.x, Internet Explorer 3.x - 6.x



            -Unix/Linux, Borland C++ 5.0, Visual Basic 4.x – 6.0, Oracle 7

            - MS Access 2.x – 2000,  Microfocus Cobol, Turbo Pascal, Turbo Basic


Network Experience such as:

    -Setting up Workstations using Windows XP/2000/95/98/NT 4

     -Configuring various Software/Hardware Firewall systems.

    -Configuring Internet Connection Sharing (Microsoft, Startec, WG)

           -Installing High Speed Internet and providing Technical Support

             *ADSL , Cable Modems (SaskTel,  Access Communications)


Website Administration

           -Design, Site Management, Hosting, Debugging, Data Entry,

             Online Sales Management

Related Education & Hobbies


1995 - Present                            Quartz Locked Productions                   Regina, SK

Personal Home Studio

Creating Mix Tapes, CD’s and Remixes

Designing Tape and CD covers

Managing and creating Web Sites

Recording Media for Commercials, Web Material, etc.


1991                                               Robert Usher Collegiate                      Regina, SK

Grade 9-10    Classical Guitar Class

Grade 9-11     Musical Choir/Men’s Jazz Choir


1987 –1990                                            Lion’s Jr. Band                             Regina, SK

Band C – Band A Member

Instrument: Trombone


1986                                            Black Tie Community Band                  Regina, SK

Instrument: Bongo Drums


1981-1985                                       Regina School of Music                      Regina, SK

Received a Grade 8 Level Certificate

Instrument: Organ   


Formal Education


2020                                     Pluralsight                                                  Edmonton, AB

MacOS Support Training Courses

C++ Beyond the Basics Training Courses

Windows Powershell Training Courses

Microsoft Windows 10 (MD-100,MD-101) Training Courses


2019                                       Fortinet                                                      Edmonton, AB

NSE 1 – 4 Training Courses   



2016                                          RCMP                                                             Regina, SK

Acquired Non-Restricted Canadian Firearms License




2016                                   Cabela’s Canada                                                    Regina, SK

Canadian Firearms Safe Course & Gun License Training


2012                            Microsoft Partner Network                                         Regina, SK

Microsoft Partner Network Sales & Services Assessment

           - Microsoft Online Services

           - Microsoft Partner Sales & Marketing Competency

             Assessment for Small Business



2008                                         Skillsoft Inc.                                               Moose Jaw, SK

C++ Programming Essentials




2007                           SaskTel Educational Center                                        Regina, SK

Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Course


2006                               Academy of Learning                                         Moose Jaw, SK

Microsoft Certified Professional Certification (MCP)

Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician Certification (MCDST)


2005                              St. John’s Ambulance                                         Moose Jaw, SK

       ·  Standard First Aid with CPR Level B



2004                                   SIAST Wascana                                                   Regina, SK

       ·    JavaScript Level 1



2002                             FCS World Net Training                                    Moose Jaw, SK

Windows 2000 Server: Installing and Upgrading (WT0120)

Windows 2000 Server: Managing Hardware Devices & Drivers (WT0130)

Windows 2000 Server: Managing File and Print Resources (WT0140)

Windows 2000 Server: Configuring Storage Use (WT0150)




2001                                            SIAST Wascana                                           Regina, SK

Cable/ASDL Security Forum


1998-1999                                   SIAST Palliser                                       Moose Jaw, SK

Computer Information Systems


1999                       Hewlett Packard ASP Repair Certification                   Regina, SK

LaserJet Hardware Basics Certification                                   

DeskJet 340..1200 Series ASP Repair Certification


1999                                              SaskTel                                                        Regina, SK

Gnat Box Certification




1998                                            IBM Canada Ltd.                                         Regina, SK

IBM (YPC46) Certification


1997                                                  MicroAge                                                 Regina, SK

A+ Technician Certification  



1996-1997                                    SIAST Palliser                                       Moose Jaw, SK

Computer Information Systems Course


1990-1994                      Robert Usher Collegiate                                            Regina, SK

Completed Grade 12 Diploma